Who’s Waiting On You?

I had a dream a while ago that I was standing at a large brown wooden door, almost like the one you see in this picture. Little did I know that behind that door were bodies laying on the ground as though they were dehydrated. Not just one person, but it was multiple people. They were alone, dry, and looked close to death.

What God showed me was that when I decided to walk through this door, I was to help and minister to those who were in a state of lifelessness. The Holy Spirit revealed to me that each person were a symbol of dry bones and I would be their help to the living water- God that is.

fight with? When we hit a dead end, we must remember we have someone who will help us.

All you have to do is realize He's already there. If God has helped you financially or opened a door for you previously, what makes you think he won't fight for you to defeat or help you obtain the things you're fighting for now?


We have to learn to rest in God. Many are familiar with Pslam 23 stating that God is our shepherd. With God being just that, it is He that fights for us. It's Him that leads us into victory. He's our protector, leader, supplier, and the one who works just for us. Read this, Matthew 10:45: "For even the Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many." God is not going to give you an assignment and leave you without. If you're feeling lost, defeated, or unencouraged, remember this, you're not alone and you will make it past this! No matter how challenging it is, make sure to keep going. Keep doing what you were before the doubt came and listen to any instructions given. Take a course, read, get experience, ask for assistance; This will avoid stagnancy and promote growth.


Whether you realize it or not, more is being done while waiting for that big moment than you can think of. In fact, the excitement happens along the journey. There are small moments of victory that we must not overlook. Romans 10:11 states: "Anyone who believes in Him will never be put to shame.” Know this, while you’re working and fighting, it’s not in vain. Keep going! That’s all you need to do in this moment. The right doors will open. The right connections will happen. The fruit will come. Stay the course. Keep going in the midst of this process. After all, what do you have to turn back to? Either go back to unhappiness with no point of turning or continue now with the promise of joy ahead.

Know this, when it comes to promises, there’s no easy route. Fighting is necessary and without it you stay in the same place. So gird up, strengthen yourself, and walk in emotional maturity. Allow God to take care of the things you can’t while you do what you can.

We become limited only when we give up.


Stay blessed,

Tierra Nicolle

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