Who’s Waiting On You?

I had a dream a while ago that I was standing at a large brown wooden door, almost like the one you see in this picture. Little did I know that behind that door were bodies laying on the ground as though they were dehydrated. Not just one person, but it was multiple people. They were alone, dry, and looked close to death.

What God showed me was that when I decided to walk through this door, I was to help and minister to those who were in a state of lifelessness.

The Holy Spirit revealed to me that each person were a symbol of dry bones and I would be their help to the living water- God that is.

When first seen, I knew I had ideas of how I would want to go about helping His people. However through distractions, doubt, and lies from the enemy, I found myself getting off track of Gods plan. After many attempts to get my attention, I took a step back and realized, I have to do this… NOW!

Whatever came, I knew I had to do it. I had to decide would I continue “side hustles” or focus on what truly lied at the center of my heart. You.

As I live on purpose, allow me to help you walk in your purpose. Behind your act of obedience is an opportunity to change the trajectory of another’s life. Who‘s waiting on you to do what’s on your heart? What impact will that have on those surround by the one you’ll help? What joy will that bring to their life? See what’s on the other side of your obedience by choosing to go.

Your transition into what you are to do may not be as comfortable as you thought, but more discomfort only comes with your disobedience to move forward. When choosing not to go, life will still continue however there will be additional moments where the opportunity is presented because it's what you're called to do. Open your eyes and heart to what lies in the unknown. Trust God and trust yourself. Don't allow insecurities to stop you from moving forward. You capable of doing everything you see yourself doing.

Remember this:
  • Getting stuck in Transition is due to a lack of focus and prioritization.

  • Transitions bring you closer to your Destiny.

  • Transitions are to help you, not hurt you.

You see, the thing about you moving forward is not just for those you will reach. When progressing, you’ll feel “stuck” if not going forth in life. That feeling only indicates that you must keep in the direction you were once going because it’s only going to become more essential. You must learn how to push past adversity, delays, distractions, and keep moving.

Be careful not to allow others to project their idea of what you should do in your season. The vision given to you is not the same as theirs. You’ve got to listen to nows word. If you didn’t do what needed to be done previously, you’ll have to do it next season. However, stay committed to your process and allow God to push you forward in the things He’s prompting you to do now.


Stay blessed,

-Tierra Nicolle

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