The Art of Happiness

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

Have you ever asked the question "How are people always so happy?" Well, Let me tell you this. We all have a choice if we are going to be happy or allow what's happening to overtake us. Catch that, you step out of happiness when you allow something to overtake you. Does this mean we need to be happy 24/7? Absolutely not! Everyone will step outside of happiness at some point in their day, life, or week. That doesn't mean we're emotionally unstable, it means we are humans.

Here's one thing to remember. Whether you call it joy or happiness, it all comes from within. It’s not just something you obtain from grasping a thing. It’s an attitude of the heart. A heart posture. It’s gratitude expressed. You don’t just have it on some days, you have it always. Just be mindful to be grateful. ✨


Stay blessed,

-Tierra Nicolle

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