Patience with Yourself

Here’s a question to ask yourself: Who am I serving?

There’s no end date to self-development. It’s an on going process with small breaks in between. You’ve got to be patient with yourself and remember the ending. Remember that who you are becoming is not just for the moment but for someone else in the future as well. Not only will you thank yourself once the process is over, but you’ll also rejoice over the people you’ve impacted along the way.

Growing is never easy. It’s a process that sometimes feel terrible ! Honestly, when I transition into a rigorous place of growth, I tell God this is uncomfortable but I want you to get it done. Often times I fast through it not only because I see results faster, but it tends to be more effective for me. It places the attention on the fact that I must go through this and while doing so, it builds strength to resist quitting.


Will distractions come? Absolutely. In fact, they are heighten during the time of transition.

Be aware of giving in just because you don’t want to answer the call to growth. By running, it’ll continue to pursue you until you acknowledge and work towards change. It’s not easy, but it is worth it. The mere fact that you’re still reading this means that you’re capable, you’re able, and you’re worth everything on the other side of the pain you are experiencing.

Don’t give up in the process. Remember the distractions and heightened invites are to maneuver you away from what God is doing in and through you. Whatever you don’t complete now, you will have to revisit at a later time. Be discerning during this time. Have patience, and live for now. Again, everything doesn’t need your attention in this moment, but choose wisely on what’s good and what can wait. Wherever area God is putting focus on, follow His voice.


Stay blessed,

-Tierra Nicolle

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