Money or Purpose

Sometimes the very pursuit of money is the thing that is actually keeping you away from it.

“Seek the Kingdom of God above all else…and he will give you everything you need.” Matthew 6:33 NLT


One thing I’ve discovered from various moments in my life was that the pursuit of obtaining was pointless without purpose being the motivator. Specifically speaking in regards to money, it doesn’t matter how much you believe you need it. Until you follow what purpose is, you'll still see a consistent need of happiness and there will be no real joy. Yes, following after money gets you enough, but having money doesn’t mean you’re prosperous.

Prosperity is more than just the attainment of the material things. It’s great health, it’s peace, it‘s wisdom, it’s things that money can’t buy…like favor.


You see, Purpose takes the toil out of your work. When you do things on purpose, it’s almost as if it’s effortless. Your only opposition would be the enemy wanting to deceive you into thinking that walking on purpose doesn’t yield as great of an increase. He’ll attempt to manipulate your mind into thinking that no one will care, that no one will support, or that it doesn’t produce that great of an increase.

When you do things with purpose in mind, the opinions of others are not your concern. They may not believe you, believe in you, or support you. Keep doing it anyways. The fruit of your doings can be found from those that are contrary to them. You can’t depend on people around you to support you. They do not understand the vision God gave you nor the words God is speaking to you in THIS season of your life.


The ways the enemy tempts us to move from purpose is by using:

  • People

  • Losses (which can turn into lessons)

  • Money

The way to combat that is to just do it. Do what you were called to do. That’s the only way to prove wrong the lie of the enemy. You may feel such strong resistance because it feels more “safe” to do what you’re used to. However, do what’s purposeful anyways. You’ll not only yield the fruit of seeing the result of your actions, but you’ll also walk in peace.


That place of peace is something not worth exchanging for a moment of getting paper that’ll be spent on something which will soon expire, you’ll outgrow, or that could be destroyed. Your purpose has a lasting affect on not only you, but generations to come.

You have to enter into worship to fight that battle. Use scriptures that are opposite of what the enemy is saying. When fighting, you can’t be relaxed. You have to study to find what you need. You have to search. Remember the principle, “Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows bountifully will also reap bountifully.”—2 Corinthians 9:6 ESV


When you take time to invest in your spiritual being, you’ll receive a bountiful harvest. The monetary, business, and friendships are not the only areas to reap (see growth). This principal is for anything that yields something in return. When you sow time into a thing, you’ll reap the benefits of that. When you invest in a relationship, you’ll receive the outcome of a stronger bond. When investing in your health, you’ll reap a more productive you.

1, 2, 3. Put the attention on walking in order. Attempting to put 3 before 2 will cause an imbalance. It may be hard to break out of the habit of doing what feels most satisfying now, but make that change. Don’t focus on the time it’ll take to reach the bigger picture. Take your time, stay focused, and fight for what God is showing you.


Your purpose is yours because God believes in you. Allow his truth to shine through any moment of doubt. You are not losing. You’re winning when you choose to walk on purpose.


Stay blessed,

-Tierra Nicolle

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