Who Are You Serving?

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

Here’s a question to ask yourself: Who am I serving?

Too often we can feel as though we’re not doing anything and making no impact. When you find your “why”, you‘ll find your “who”. You may even find yourself attracted to a certain type of person and therefore have your who before your why. What do I mean? Your “why” is the drive behind your doing. Your “who” are those you’re serving. When you find the answer to these two questions, you’ll find purpose. How does one stumble upon these answers? Most likely you’ve been doing it your entire life without recognizing it.

As a kid, I could never understand why someone would intentionally put down another person, lie to and on them, and just plain out be a bully. It always pricked my spirit and made me want to stand up for that person. Though I didn’t always speak out due to fear of the possibility of being talking about myself, I kept my mouth shut. I knew what being bullied felt like and whenever I could avoid it, I did. As I grew older and reach high school, I became more confident in who I was and by the time I graduated [high school] I was slowly standing up for people.

About a year after graduating, with the help of fasting, prayer, and focusing solely on me, I began making videos on Instagram and Periscope sharing encouraging messages. I was about 19!

Meanwhile, I had no idea I was walking in purpose.

Though not fully to the place I was going, I was still doing it! That was the thing that brought me JOY. The thing that even when I was hurt myself, I could still feed and encourage someone else. I didn’t know who I was serving nor did I realize I already had the answer to why I was created. I was just going with the flow, doing what I thought was right. Doing what I loved to do.

Fast forward to today, I now understand. I understand I’m not for everyone. I understand that my audience does not consist of all those I encounter. I understand that YOU reading this article that I‘ve written is purpose. YOU’RE who I’m serving. You are the reason I have a why. If you have no need, I would have no purpose. So I finish off with this, never be afraid to access those around you. You never know what their love is! Don’t feel as though you’re being a burden unto them. When you give them the opportunity, you allow them to walk in their purpose and it’ll fill them beyond measure! Keep growing, keep learning, and soon you too will learn the best way to live out your purpose. 😉


Stay blessed,

-Tierra Nicolle

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