How the enemy Steals, Kills, & Destroys

Updated: Jan 29

What thief comes to steal what’s not valuable?

What harm comes to destroy lightly?

Does a murderer ever have the intention to partially kill?

Those may be harsh questions but the truth is, that’s what the enemy does. He doesn’t steal what’s not valuable. So, anytime you start to have contrary thoughts to what you just read, to what you already know, and to what’s already been said, you know it’s the enemy.

It’s all about how you think about a thing, what you “feel” about it, and what you think the outcome will be. Those are the areas the enemy tries to hit most.

Steal | Kill | Destroy

Watch what thoughts you entertain. If God said ask and you shall receive, seek and you’ll find, knock and the door will be opened, why would he make you think your boss is going to fire you? If God said he is life, why would he ever make you think that his blessing wouldn’t be sufficient? If God said his good pleasure is to give you abundance, why are you still fearful that it will not work?

You’ve got to change your outlook. Come from behind the lends of any pain or previous failure. Then, and only then, you will begin to live a life of true joy.

See yourself on the other side of sorrow! You’ve got to move past this depression and fear!

BE Blessed,

Tierra Nicolle 💕

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