How long will you settle?

To be in a place where you’re no longer settling is the goal, right? It's so cliche to say "Don't Settle", but what do we do when we don’t see what we want?

What I’ve discovered is that we stop ourselves the moment we don’t understand what’s been spoken over us. I was reading a book where a prophet spoke over a man saying he’s now the king of a particular land. Immediately the man received the word, got up from where he was, went to the place of the current king, and took what was his. His rightful position. His right place. He didn’t hesitate at the word. He didn’t overthink it. He put it in his heart and he just went.

My question here is: Why do we question what’s been promised us?

Why are we so doubtful of that which we want to do? Where did you get the idea that it couldn’t work before you even tried it? Do you even know what wouldn‘t work or are you stuck at the possibility of things just not going right? If we’re not hesitant to go get food we desire, at any given moment, why do we do it with life that’s far more important?


How long will you choose stagnancy? How many years are you going to talk about doing it before you actually do? What’s making you think it’ll take a long time to develop? Look at the time already lost. Aside from choosing Christ as your savior, I don’t believe your greatest day is the day you find out “why” you were born. I believe the greatest day of your life is when choose to do. When you choose to go after what you know you were born to do. As long as the idea remains in your head, it’ll never become.

Sometimes when things are consistently happening in your life, it’s not just because. We all see those who have consecutive win after win. All they’re doing is what they’ve wanted to. They took the first step and God ordered the rest along the way. If you look back last year and you’re still in the same place financially, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, in your career….there’s something that you have to do. It’s a mental difference. Your actions first start out as a thought declaring what you believe you can or cannot do. As you live out those thoughts, the course of your life develops. We have the choice to do what we love, or continue in a place of settling.


Stay blessed,

-Tierra Nicolle

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