How Can Two Walk Together Unless They Agree?

Amos 3:3

The context of that scripture states how can you walk with another but have different ways of living life.
When it comes to those you are in relationship with, people have differences but are your foundational principles in alignment with one another?
What do you both value? Know alignment is not solely based on likes, food preferences, or personal style.

Those things make up an individuals interest, which can change at any given moment. What you’re looking for is long term alignment.

Consider this, when you have children, do you want them to celebrate specific Holidays? Would you like for them to be involved in a church? What’s at the center of your belief? Are you more traditional or are you open to setting an agreement on another way of upbringing?

Of course, I believe a spiritual foundation is key to have. What does that look like? When your spiritual foundation is set, you have something to always refer to. In difficulties, you turn to each other in Love. In sadness, you’re able to have compassion on one another. In temptation, you learn how to count the cost.

Without that balance, there will be loose ends with no integrity. You’ll be walking with someone just for fun.

There has to be true value in what you two possess. That’s true alignment-- when your core values are compatible. Not if he/she like movies at home and you like movies at the theaters. That’s able to be compromised, however not your truth.

You know what your needs are. I like to say be open to what’s unfamiliar because some of your greatest blessings can come from those least expected. However, remember what’s at your core. Be open to discussion because not everything is worth doing away with. Sometimes there can be a lack of understanding in what you actually mean and the background behind your viewpoint of it.

Communication will reveal what‘s really meant. If they are not meant to be directly joined with you, but still have fundamentals you agree on, enjoy the friendship. It’s okay to say no and set boundaries. As always, rely not on feelings in the moment but trust that what your inner being is telling you is truth. It's okay with parting ways with someone who does not bring you peace.

Remember, obedience is better than sacrifice.

When you honor God, you are showing reverence to Him. Sacrificing you time to see "How things will go" is not only holding you back from what God truly has for you, or wants to give you now, but it's also wasting your time. Your future is at stake with who you decide to join yourself with. Be patient in knowing that if you listen to instructions now, you'll reap joy later. It may be uncomfortable to say no now, but listen.

God has a way of making all things work together for your good. Maybe the "best" has passed, but God will make what's next the most amazing thing ever if you just trust Him. Stay focused on your now, not on what was. ❤️


Stay blessed,

-Tierra Nicolle

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