Get On Track

I know it’s summer and I could wear different articles of clothing but honestly, sometimes I don’t care too much about what the call for today is. Sometimes I like to do what I want based off of how I feel at the time. What also stands true is, a lot of times what‘s being done in the natural can be a direct reflection of what’s going on in your inner being. However, the call for obedience is not discriminative and still stands.


Sometime we get in our own way, and expect to not receive any consequence from our actions. Yes, we have forgiveness and mercy available to us but how long will you abuse what’s being given to you? You can’t expect to be led into abundance, happiness, and wealth when doing everything wrong.


See, by not moving according to how you should now, it’ll only be to your hurt. You’ll begin to see things being removed from you, sudden things happening, and fear may even begin to come upon you. Typically two results come from this, depression or a changed mind. To start new is always available. However, it’s just a choice you‘d have to make.


It reminds me of the story in Jeremiah chapters 24-25. In the story presented, God shares a consequence of not adhering to what pleases Him. He says that he will repay for what’s been done by their own choices. When we continuing in sin knowingly, it becomes a choice. Romans 6:6 says “For we know that our old self was crucified with him so that the body ruled by sin might be done away with, that we should no longer be slaves to sin—”


Every choice we make is ultimately pleasing or displeasing. When we willingly choose what’s not best, we not only reject God, but we also reject every good thing that comes from making the right choice. Whatever you choose to serve becomes a lifestyle. The truth is in us. Once it’s been revealed to us, we can‘t dismiss it as though we are unaware.


So how do you turn things around? Don’t waste your time on useless endeavors. Follow that which you know is right, no matter the popular opinion. Open your eyes to what’s been occurring and strengthen yourself with affirmations. Speak that you can overcome, you can stop, are you able. Allow light to come into your heart again by refusing what’s dark.



Stay blessed,

-Tierra Nicolle

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