4 Tips for Keeping a Right Attitude

Here’s a question to ask yourself: Who am I serving?

Let's be honest, everyone has their limit. We all come to a point of frustration, anger, and/or feel overwhelmed. actually apart of life. However, there's a few key things that separates a person who has accepted defeat and one who has overcome. Take a look at the steps below to see the distinguishing factors that separates the two people:

1. Pause & Breathe:

Every person who has propelled has taken a step back and realized "There's more to this moment". If you're feeling overwhelmed by another individual, you never know what kind of day they've had or what they're experiencing internally. Too often we forget, just like we have moments of frustration, someone else may be experiencing it too. It'll only cause additional friction if they do not possess self control. If you're feeling overwhelmed by your own mistakes, take a moment to see how you're really loving yourself. In most situations, I've found it best to quiet my space and get out of my head. Take a moment to reflect, and breath. If you've had a busy day, lay down! Take a moment for you. Rest is the sure way to get us back in a right mindset and it's like hitting a mini reset button.

2. Think about what you're waiting for:

Having a negative attitude does not only affect now but it can also cause a delay for where you are going because where you're at now is not your final destination. Where you're at now is temporary. So, it's important to correct what needs to be corrected and continue at your pace.

3. Interrupt what was with what needs to be:

When you've identified what pushed you to want to act out of character, implement newness. Remember acting our of emotions will only get you to a place of more frustration or hurt. You've got to do that thing that challenges your flesh but feels good to your spirit. Interrupt that negative thought with a direct opposite version. To every bad thought, there's a counter. Choose that which embraces the idea of the impossible.

4. Aim to be a reflection of Christ:

I believe everyone has fallen short of this on more than one occasion. However, that's why we continue and try again. When we continue, we build endurance which builds character. When you have the right character, you ultimately have the right attitude. In that, you build patience with each step. Does this mean that every step taken will be the right step? No, however it does mean keep moving even in your mistakes and allow it to challenge you to make new decisions towards making the right steps.


I'll leave you with this. Know that you cannot rush into perfection. Be easy with yourself and with self-growth. Know that a baby was not born knowing how to play chess. It can takes days, months, or even a year to become more of what you want to be. To avoid interruptions, implement discipline. You'll get tired, but keep going. Take a break, but keep moving. Don't forget that you deserve the best as well.

Interrupt What Was With What Needs To Be


Stay blessed,

-Tierra Nicolle

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