My Story


Over time, she thought of how she could help others to also live in the joy of living a more mature lifestyle. After gaining trust in God for taking her out of a Traumatic experience, Tierra wanted to discover who God really was. During her teen years, she took the initiative to begin studying the Bible and learn what God thought about her.


At the age of 16, Tierra started reading God's word and started putting into practice walking in faith for what she believed for. By the age of 19, not only was Tierra a weekly church go-er, including attending bible study, but she had embraced God's love. She also began participating in local church events and with recommendation from a prior teacher, began volunteering as a mentor to females ages 8-18.

The mentorship she would serve in consisted of 2 groups, teens ages 12-18 and young females ages 8-11. She would often interchange between the groups, but was readily asked to  continue with the older females. There she received her first opportunity to create lesson plans and lead conversations amongst the females. It's something she thoroughly enjoyed and eventually pursued the idea of how she could begin her own initiative full time. After years and spending time with God, GrowWomanGrow was birthed. Stay tuned for the testimony of this journey.

As a child, Tierra was always inclined to helping others. She found passion and purpose in supporting the  lives of others. Whether it was mentoring, serving in her church, or giving back with her Christmas event that consisted of partnering with local sponsors to feed the community and provide gifts to all who came, she was present.


However, she hadn't always served and had such zeal for God. What may come as a surprise to others, Tierra experienced child-hood trauma which first ignited her passion for others. At age 13, she experienced what she thought was her hardest year yet. She had to mentally and  emotionally mature to fight the battles that she would experience. From abandonment to hearing the opposite of encouraging words, and with little support, she had to


learn how to be her own support system.



My Testimony

As a child, I had a passion for love. Not just any thing, but that love that sees past a persons flaws and weaknesses. Experiencing pain in that area and not receiving the same, I let God grow me into who I stand to be today. I went through times of being talked about for loving God, despised because I chose the mature route, but still God matured me within each situation. That is what made me the Woman you see today, and that is what my goal for every female I encounter is. To see them as God saw me, help them, and build their life up with good counsel.

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Mission Statement

GrowWomanGrow is dedicated to helping assist in the maturation process of females across the globe. Our approach consist of providing a safe place for each individual to share their hurt and current dilemmas, all while  providing support, prayer, and necessary tools to project a new stance towards what they are facing. We are here to  help cultivate God-fearing, God-worshipping, and God-loving  females. We believe that God loves us beyond works. Therefore, we put emphasis on the love relationship between God and who we lead. 

Our purpose is to build individuals into a people that trust God, fear God, loves & chooses God above vanity and the earthly way. Our strive is to see women develop a life of daily devotion, maturity, and trust in God’s ability to do all things.