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Current times are uncertain, but you can still have peace within the storm. One thing that I have always had around me is community. God blessed me with some of the most amazing mentors and female leaders in my life that helped shape me into who I am.


At the right time, they came into my life. With every prayer, God made a way to where I could have the right people at the right time and let me tell you this: There is NO better time than now. Often times my most regretful moments were because I delayed. Not that God didn’t have something for me still, but I could have had the joy I have now, a lot earlier if I only listened to what I knew was right.


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With ideas on my mind, sometimes I failed short of believing in myself to make it happen, or I believed that things would not line up for me.

I looked at what was around me and what else I thought I needed to do, but God just wanted me to proceed. Some of you may have the vision, you may have just what you need, but afraid to make that jump. If we were to look back, we’d see that every moment we were about to jump, there was actually support in the other areas we thought we would compromise. What am I saying? That vision is going to start with you just going for it. If many people come, great! If you have exactly what you wanted, perfect! …At the end of it all, YOU done it for you and it made You happy.

Stay Blessed

-Tierra Nicolle 💕

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Your Journey to Self-Development Begins on the Path of Belief. It all starts in the mind.

“Thank you. I've never thought of things that way.”

- Victor J.

“This was so good. Felt like you were speaking directly to me. I've been hearing a similar message all week and needed this again. Thank you.”

- Travis C.

"You will be a example to inspiration to this group of young women God will set before you."

-Danyelle L.


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